I have been trying to organise myself to paint with a couple of friends for the past few months, but with a broken shoulder, it took a while to plan this one. Once I got all movement back in my arm again and it was strong enough to roller the wall and paint above my head again, we got out and about last month, with a few cans.

Half the pleasure in being out painting, for me anyway, is the social side of being at the wall. Having a natter while playing with the paint. Having a bit of an idea, but not really sticking to it, in any great detail, showing another person not to be afraid of making mistakes.. all makes for a good afternoon.

This time I collaborated with Harki, who has been a great friend this past year and fellow runner from Run Dem Crew.. You should definitely check her typographic work out here too.. We’ll be back on the wall again soon and hoping to get the captain out for a paint again too xx