Femme Fierce: Leake Street All Girl Takeover

Unity, Sri McKinnon and myself joined up with 100 female writers last weekend in Leake Street, London to participate in a Guiness World Record Attempt to complete the biggest spray paint mural by a team.. The event was organised by the Street Art Agency, with whirlwind Ayaan leading the way.. Its aim was to bring female street art and graffiti artists together, to raise money for Breast Cancer Care and to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Femme Fierce: The All Female Street Art Extravaganza // LONDON / 08/03 from BEYONDER on Vimeo.

A week long series of exhibitions and workshops has accompanied the event, with full info soon to be available on the Femme Fierce website. There’s a couple of pictures I took before my camera battery died, but for more coverage of the day, check out the video too.

C21 Project – Cardiff University


Last week saw my first commission ‘unveiling’ at Cardiff University Hospital Wales, for the launch of their C21 Project. The piece is to commemorate the new curriculum for medical students in Cardiff and a new building which provides high tech research facilities to its students. I was very pleased to attend the event, which was opened by Professor John Bligh, Dean of Medicine.. Big thanks to Cardiff M.A.D.E Gallery for their support.

Music Maker: Exhibition August 2013

Music Maker: Inspirations and Creations 3 Day Exhibition = 9th-11th August 2013 Hosted by Pyklops at Printhaus Workshops (Cardiff)

Over the early part of 2013 I had been working on a series of digital prints using a process which mixed up two of my favourite pass times, listening to music and geeking out over software. The process started for a variety of reasons, because mostly as my daily creative time was spent on a Greyhound bus travelling to and from my day job, as an IT geek.

All prints were made from inspirations of tunes I’d been listening to on my journeys and with tools I could carry around with me: A small sketchbook, pencils, my phone and my favoured apps. Each started with a hand drawn piece, which is then scanned, transferred to iPhone, updated in an app to add vectors to the base image, then converted to PDF, before transferring back to the laptop, to be completed in photoshop, with a mixture of textures taken from my photography.

So once I got into the swing of using this process to create each image, it led me to seek out how other artists were inspired or directed by these two stimulae. To explore this further, I hosted a 3 day show at the Printhaus, to explore methods in which a selection of artists have embraced these two influences / stimulus, to generate a selection of their works.

Information about the artists and event can be seen here

Art Flare Exhibition – Sho Gallery (Cardiff)

Art Flare ExhibitionPreview Opening – Saturday 7th July from 12 – 6 pm
Throughout July, Sho Gallery will be presenting ART FLARE.1 featuring a range of artists across diverse mediums and backgrounds. Contributers will include:

Dale Evans | Emilie Michail | Gerard Whyman | i am acrylic | Jessica Draws | Lemons for lemonade | Leslie Dearne | Phil Watkins | Rosaline Dolton | Ruth Foster | Sophie Barras | Sue Paton

I have created a series of canvases, cards and prints over the past few months, which will be available to view and purchase, as well as a selection of skate decks, colouring sets and clothing.

The exhibition will run until the 7th of August and works can be seen during the shop opening hours, Tuesdays to Fridays 10am to 5.30pm and Saturdays 9am to 6pm. More info about Sho Gallery can be seen on Facebook or on their website http://www.thesho.co.uk/

Bike Art Trail & Cardiff Cycle Festival

Bike Art Trail Festival Window

I’ve just recently finished painting the window at Milgi’s in Cardiff, with Lucy Baker, who has been even busier than normal, curating a special Bike Tour around Cardiff, with Pol and Cardiff Cycle Tours for the current Cycling Festival.

The window features a hillside and treetop design by Lucy, alongside a selection of my characters. The central one represents the freedom I feel when rushing through the city on my bike, flowing through, with the other two figures representing myself and my brother, our love of bikes driven by my Dads passion for cycling.

The Bike Art Trail is running across several venues in town including  Milkwood, Gwdihw, Printhaus, Milgi, Sho Gallery, and Cardiff Print Workshop. Each of the venues is showing work throughout the festival, which is running between 16th and 30th June.

More information about the artists participating on the Bike Art Trail can be seen on Lucy’s blog http://artspokesoul.wordpress.com/bike-art-trail-cardiff/

Full event listings for the cycle festival can be found on the festival website http://www.cardiffcyclefestival.co.uk

Bomb Skate Deck Exhibition

Alpha Bomb Flyer

Bomb Exhibition - PyklopsOrganised by Verity Flute and Alfie Sims this exhibition will be showing at the Black Heart, in Camden and will be opening between 5th June, through to the 26th, with a selection of Skate Decks by a wide selection of artists.

I’ve submitted a hand painted deck called ‘Ponyo’s Revenge’ which features a number of characters and has been created with a mixture of spray paint and acrylics, on a neon green maple base.

Keep an eye out for pics of the other artists work too, there’s some great work on display and its well worth checking out if you’re into board art.

Check the Facebook Event for more info.