Bomb Skate Deck Exhibition

Bomb Exhibition - Pyklops

Organised by Verity Flute and Alfie Sims this exhibition will be showing at the Black Heart, in Camden and will be opening between 5th June, through to the 26th, with a selection of Skate Decks by a wide selection of artists.

I’ve submitted a hand painted deck called ‘Ponyo’s Revenge’ which features a number of characters and has been created with a mixture of spray paint and acrylics, on a neon green maple base.

Alpha Bomb Flyer

Metric Exhibition – Dock Street Market, Leeds

Metric Exhibition Flyer

I’m really stoked to be putting work into this exhibition, which is being organised by BestJoinedUp and will see 27 artists gathered together for a month long exhibition in the Dock Street Market, Leeds and opens over the Jubilee weekend.

Artists Showing include: 3 Digits/ Benjamino/ Phill Blake (Philth)/ Noah Brown/ Goo Burr/ Cage One/ C-Bloxx/ Curse273/  Freddie Denton/ Dia57/ Inkie/ JayPee/ Klone/ Kosy/ Garry Milne/ Drew Millward/ Moenipulation/ Pogger/ Pyklops/ Rootz/ Jay Sharples/ Starvin Artist/ Stub Subism/ Sune/ Tank Petrol/ Tasha Whittle (TXLW)/

There will be a limited amount of Live Art spaces available, Doodle Tabletops and Live Screenprinting courtesy of SpinCycle Complete.

Live Music will be provided by the incredible HomeCut, Love of the Brave and the Vinyl Miners

Check out my blog for an update on the opening night

Or see the flickr set for full pics of the opening night and a sneaky view of many of the works in the collection

Papergirl Cardiff

PaperGirl Fundriaiser Tee 2012

Papergirl Cardiff returned to the Printhaus Workshops on May 26th, with an exhibition of all works submitted for the week preceding the Jubillee, prior to distributing all works on Monday 4th June.

This event is organised by a collaboration with ThinkArk, Papergirl Cardiff, Printhaus and Cycle Training Wales. Visit the Papergirl Cardiff Blog for a view of the submissions, info about the project and more

Papergirl fundraiser tees, which I designed for this year’s event were printed at the Printhaus Workshops, where we also undertook a series of childrens workshops to encourage our younger artists to help create posters and bags to promote the event.

You can check out some great pics of the distribution ride courtesy of Cardiff Cycle Chic here

Big BIG thanks to everyone who helped to organise this years event, everyone who sent in submissions, attended workshops and helped on the bike ride.. Its been great to take part and meet you all once again xx