I have been taking photos for pleasure and to document my surroundings over the past years, after studying at Ffotogallery (Cardiff) in September 2010. Since then I have accumulated a good range of digital and film cameras, all of which I currently use on assignments, to provide a range of creative and commercial images. Where possible, I work with a mixture of images in both digital and film.

I like experimenting with old films, cameras and effects from a mixture of all the wrong elements.. Sometimes it works out well, but it wouldn’t be fun if it was perfect and easily duplicated each time. This is a selection of my favourite lomo’s taken on a variety of cameras and expired or mis-handled films

I enjoy documenting my surroundings, playing with vintage cameras and prefer working with natural light whenever possible. Previous work has included documenting video shoot production for the ‘Making of’ short films and music videos.

Stills for a short film, ‘The Audition’ by Clare Sturges – View the full set here

Documenting festival and event footage with live art curators ‘Best Joined Up’. – View the full set here

Cameras used include: Canon EOS 7D & 10D, Canon EOS 1 – 35mm, Holga & Fisheye 120 & 35mm Lomos, Zenit B, Brownie Reflex TLR, Box Brownie, Lubitel 166B, 35mm Panoramic Camera, iPhone 4s, Sony Ericsson Mobile, Symbolica, 126 Kodak Instamatic, 110 Weathermatic, Lomokino 35mm and Bolex 8mm movie cameras.